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Most Common Causes of Damage | Car Insurance


Car Insurance

Diford Car Insurance Australia and Car Insurance Brokers in Australia with access to multiple insurers, which allows us to compare Car Insurance Quotes in Australia. We also strive to keep our clients abreast with developments in the Australian Car  Insurance market. Here is a syndication of a Car Insurance article published in Insurance Business Australia magazine:

Most Common Causes of Damage | Car Insurance

"A new report has revealed the most common ways Australian drivers damage their car, and why it is best to have comprehensive car insurance to be prepared for anything that happens on the road.

The survey of 2,000 Australians found that being rear-ended by another vehicle is the most common cause of car damage, with two in five drivers saying their car has been hit from behind.

According to a new study, older drivers are significantly more likely to have their cars rear-ended and that more than half of baby boomers had experienced these accidents, compared to just one in five Generation Z drivers. South Australia topped the states in the number of these incidents, with 50% of respondents saying their car had been hit from behind, reported.

The second-most common type of damage was having a car scratched, with 39% of respondents saying their vehicle had been scratched by someone who did not own to the deed. That was followed by auto break-ins, with one in four people saying their car had been broken into.

Findings showed that men are more likely to have their car broken into, at 28% compared to women’s 23%. Western Australia had the most break-in incidents, the study found.

Other things that damaged Australians’ cars include having their car keyed and having their car hit by an uninsured driver, the report said.

“This research just goes to show how important comprehensive car insurance is,” said Bessie Hassan, car insurance expert at “Nobody expects their car to be keyed or rear-ended, but unfortunately sometimes things go wrong on the roads.”

Hitting an animal is another cause of car damage, with 36% of Tasmanians admitting to colliding with an animal, compared to just 16% in both Queensland and South Australia.

“Driving can be unpredictable and you can never anticipate if an accident is going to happen or if an animal is going to run in front of your car,” Hassan said. “Comprehensive car insurance is designed to

cover damage from unexpected incidents. This includes hail damage, scratches, and break-ins.” And, this summarizes car insurance and causes of damage. "

Source:  Insurance Business Australia magazine

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Tesla Electric Truck | Truck Insurance Quotes


Tesla Semi Truck - The Future of Trucks | Truck Insurance Quotes

Diford Truck Insurance Australia reports that Tesla has unveiled it's Electric Truck, the Tesla Semi Truck. The new Electric Truck, unveiled in 2017, is set to be launched in 2021. Tesla has boasted that the new truck will be the safest, most comfortable truck ever. An interesting question from an insurance point of view is how premiums will be rated and how will this affect truck insurance quotes for electric trucks and also driver-less cars in the future.

In this video, Tesla unveils their new electric truck, Tesla Semi, to be launched as soon as 2021.

Truck Details

The Tesla Semi Truck is powered by an all-electric battery and comes in the form of a Tractor Unit otherwise known as a Prime Mover for a Semi-Trailer. A Class 8 heavy-duty truck, propelled by electric motors, it has an electric range of between 480 and 800 kilometres or 300 and 500 miles.

Tesla claims this is the future of trucks and trucking, with four independent motors providing maximum power and acceleration, and requiring the lowest energy cost per mile.

Cost of Electricity | Truck

It is estimated that the cost to operate the electric truck will be approximately 12 cents per kilometre or 20 cents per mile less than a diesel truck if charged at a Mega-charger. This is because Tesla are guaranteeing a price of 7 cents per kilowatt-hour or 3,600 kilojoules.

Autopilot Truck

Tesla has announced that the Semi will come standard with Autopilot function that allows semi autonomous driving of the truck on highways. This is a major development in the trucking and automobile industries which looks set to lead to driverless vehicles in the very near future.

Truck Competition | Other Trucks

Class 8 Electric Trucks being developed by other companies include the following:

- BYD Trucks
- Daimler Trucks
- Kenworth Trucks
- Nikola Motor
- Peterbilt Trucks
- Toyota Trucks
- Volvo Trucks

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Best Truck Insurance Quotes


Best Truck Insurance Quotes 

Truck Insurance Brokers in Australia, Diford Truck Insurance Australia, have access to some of the best truck insurance quotes and  truck insurance policies in the Australian Truck Insurance market. We have access to most of the top rated insurance companies in the Australian Truck Insurance market, and can therefore access some of the best insurance quotes, in comparing Truck Insurance, as per the following Top 5 Truck Insurance companies list.

Top Truck Insurance Companies in Australia

Here are some of the best Truck Insurance companies in Australia, as part of our Top 5 Truck Insurance Companies List. Please note this list is only a sample, not exhaustive and is in no particular order:

 1. NTI Truck Insurance - National Transport Insurance Commercial Motor Insurance (Partnership between Insurance Australia Group and Vero)

2. Global Transport Insurance - GT Insurance (Subsidary of Allianz Insurance)

3. QBE Truck Insurance and QBE Commercial Motor Insurance

4. Zurich Business Pack - Commercial Motor Vehicle/Truck Insurance

5. CGU Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Truck Insurance Quote Australia

The best Truck Insurance quotes take into account the individual circumstances of your business and can include packages for all trades and trucking occupations, including Transport Insurance packages and Trade packages, with commercial insurance coverage options for Public Liability Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance including Carrier's Goods in Transit Cargo Insurance, Equipment, Plant and Machinery Insurance, Business Interruption and Downtime Insurance, Business Packages for premises including buildings, commercial and general property and storage, as well as Workers' Compensation Insurance and/or Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance and other Risk Management strategies.

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Australian Truck Insurance Brokers, Diford Truck Insurance Australia, operate Australia-wide, with a presence in all Australian Capital centres, serving all surrounding areas, and all metropolitan and rural areas in each state or territory as follows:

Diford Truck Insurance Brisbane
- Diford Truck Insurance Sydney
- Diford Truck Insurance Melbourne
- Diford Truck Insurance Perth
- Diford Truck Insurance Adelaide

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

QBE Car Insurance Glass Replacement | Car Insurance Quotes

QBE Insurance, and particularly QBE Truck Insurance, QBE Transport Insurance, QBE Commercial Motor insurance and QBE Private Motor Insurance, QBE Car Insurance, which has a longstanding relationship with vehicle glass repair and replacement (VGRR) provider Autoglass in the UK, has revealed an expanded three-year deal to include the latter’s sister companies in Australia, Ireland and USA.

This is great news for current QBE clients as well as Car owners, Truck Owners and Transport Operators looking for and comparing Insurance quotes and Insurance coverage including Truck Insurance Quotes, Transport Insurance Quotes and Car Insurance Quotes and coverage.

A report by Fleet News said Autoglass – the preferred supplier to the insurer’s clients for VGRR and Advanced Driver Assistance Devices (ADAS) calibration services – will also collaborate with QBE on initiatives aimed at enhancing customer experience. Vehicles serviced by Autoglass include buses and those that transport heavy goods.
Beyond the UK partnership, QBE has tapped three other firms under Autoglass’s parent firm Belron Group. Also part of the agreement are Autoglass Ireland, US-based Safelite, and Australia’s O’Brien.
“Autoglass has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to our working relationship and the needs of our policyholders,” said QBE Insurance Group claims category manager Peter Cox, as quoted by the report. “We see huge partnership opportunities to develop market-leading solutions and new digital services.”
Neil Atherton, sales and marketing director at Autoglass, commented: “This expanded partnership is an endorsement of the strong working relationship and track record of providing excellent customer service to QBE policyholders over a number of years. We are looking forward to building on this effort and experience with our colleagues across the Belron Group, and finding additional ways to add value to the relationship through new service offerings.”
Belron has more than 10 major brands and operates across over 30 countries.
“It’s important to us that we work with like-minded organisations that share our ambitions and help us to continue to meet the needs of brokers and customers in the future,” added Cox.

Source: Insurance Business Magazine

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

NRMA Insurance urges drivers to drive safely

NRMA Insurance

NRMA Insurance is reminding Australian motorists to make safer decisions while on the road this festive season, as new claims data shows that car collisions have increased by more than 7% since 2015.

This year alone, the car insurer has logged more than 189,160 claims for car collisions in NSW, with data showing that collisions are more likely to occur on Thursdays and Fridays.

“The rise in motor vehicle collisions is a timely reminder of the importance of keeping safe on the road over the silly season, when the roads are busier and people may be travelling longer distances,” Robert McDonald, NRMA Insurance Research Centre director, said. “Our advice to drivers is to allow extra time to travel over the peak holiday period, adapt to the driving conditions, and take regular breaks if driving a long way to get to your holiday destination.”

December is also the worst month for car park collisions, the NRMA Car Insurance data reveals, with car park errors increasing by 18% over the annual average. Forty-five per cent (45%) of the collisions occurred while reversing.

“Retail car parks are exceptionally busy this time of year, so we should allow some extra time to find a space and get in and out of shopping centre car parks,” McDonald said. “Typical parking collisions involve hitting other cars, runaway shopping trolleys, and scrapes with pylons and poles. We want to encourage drivers to obey the parking rules, and exercise simple courtesy when circling the car park for a space.”

To encourage safer and distraction-free driving, NRMA Insurance has recently rolled out its Safer Journeys app, which motivates drivers to “switch off” their mobile phone behind the wheel. The app allows users to accumulate points for safe, distraction-free driving which they can redeem for rewards, like fuel and grocery vouchers.

The insurer also released a two-minute film, titled “Long Way,” to remind drivers to drive safe so they can be with their loved ones this Christmas.

Source: Insurance Business Australia Magazine

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Automated Cars Insurance Concern

Driverless Cars in Australia

Australia can look to what is happening in the UK and USA regarding the introduction and testing of Driverless cars. Likewise, Australian insurance companies will have to consider the results of testing and driving on roads in determining potential policies and ratings.

Driverless Car Insurance

As driverless technology makes its way onto roads, UK insurers want clarity when it comes to assisted and automated systems.

The Automated Driving Insurer Group (ADIG) – led by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) in collaboration with Thatcham Research – has released the “Regulating Automated Driving” paper to highlight the potential dangers of autonomous ambiguity.

While there is strong industry support for vehicle automation as it comes with the promise of a significant reduction in accidents, concerns exist involving driver confusion. The paper particularly focused on intermediate automated systems, which have self-driving capabilities but in certain circumstances need the driver to take back control of the vehicle.

“Vehicles with intermediate systems that offer assisted driving still require immediate driver intervention if the car cannot deal with a situation. Systems like these are fast emerging and, unless clearly regulated, could convince drivers that their car is more capable than it actually is,” explained Thatcham Research chief executive Peter Shaw.

Car Insurance Companies

Through the paper, insurers – including AXA, Admiral, Ageas, Allianz, Aviva, Co-operative Insurance, Covea, Direct Line Group, esure, LV=, RSA, Zurich, and the Lloyd’s Market – suggest that international regulators considering design standards should make a clear distinction between assisted and automated systems.

Automated Car Requirements

For the group, a vehicle should be clearly identified and marketed as automated only when:

· The driver can safely disengage in the knowledge that the car has sufficient capabilities to deal with virtually all situations on the road;

· A vehicle encounters a situation it can’t handle, that it has the ability to come to a safe stop;

· The autonomous system can avoid all conceivable crash types and can continue to function adequately in the event of a partial system failure;

· Both insurers and vehicle manufacturers can immediately access data to identify whether the driver or vehicle is liable in the case of an accident, without ambiguity.

James Dalton, ABI director of general insurance policy, said: “We know all too well from conventional vehicles that drivers often misunderstand what their vehicles can and can’t do. Therefore, consistent standards are needed so that those taking up automated driving technology can do so with confidence.”

For David Williams, ADIG chairman and head of underwriting at AXA, autonomous vehicles will make roads much safer but inappropriate use or marketing of intermediate technology could confuse road users and cause unnecessary accidents.

“Clarity over system capability and commitment to share vehicle data with insurers will help public confidence, and help rather than hinder development in this area,” he said.

The group also sees the need for more clarity in how these assisted driving systems are named. “Vehicle manufacturers should be judicious in badging and marketing such systems, avoiding terms which could be misinterpreted as denoting full autonomy,” said Shaw.

He stressed: “Hybrid systems which creep into the intermediate grey area between assisted and automated should also be avoided.” Shaw said the risk of autonomous ambiguity could result in a short-term increase in crashes.

ADIG was formed in late 2015 to consider the impacts of automation on motor insurance in the UK. It aims to guide the industry towards a coordinated position to allow a “powerful and consistent voice,” aligned with international and government legislators.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

RideShare Car Insurance Quotes

RideShare Insurance Quotes Online

Diford Car Insurance Australia are able to offer Comprehensive Car Insurance for Business Use including RideShare and Uber through Allianz, as well as Public Liability Insurance to cover RideShare and Uber drivers through QBE Insurance.

These are two different types of insurance applicable for RideShare and Uber drivers. Comprehensive Car Insurance (for business use) is required by RideShare and Uber drivers in all states, and Public Liability Insurance is now required in certain states including South Australia, with other states looking to follow, as these other states pass legislation.

The main benefit of Allianz Car Insurance that we are able to offer is that it allows unlimited RideShare hours, whereas the main competitor, NRMA only allows up to 20 hours per week.

Therefore, we often find that Allianz Car Insurance quotes to be more appropriate than NRMA Car insurance quotes in terms of coverage.

Furthermore, our Allianz policy is backed by the Steadfast group, meaning that this Allianz policy comes with the superior Steadfast wording, which most notably means the choice of your own repairer in the case of claims, and also no need to become involved in the claims process. Other benefits are as per the attached Allianz Steadfast Policy wording.

A regular Car Insurance policy with most insurers only covers cars for Private use, whereas the Allianz Motor Vehicle policy has an option for Business Use including RideShare. Therefore, it is essential that RideShare drivers have a policy, such as the one available through Allianz for Business Use, otherwise they would not be covered while driving when conducting their business, and as such a claim could be refused.

Also, we offer the QBE Business Pack, which allows Public Liability coverage for RideShare drivers, and which is one of the only insurers on the market that allows coverage for RideShare drivers.

Uber Insurance Quotes

Diford Insurance Australia are specialists in both Private and Business Insurance including Car Insurance Quotes Online for RideShare, Uber and Commercial Motor Insurance Quotes. For example, Truck Insurance Quotes Online and Transport Insurance Quotes.

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